Mentor Startup companies throughout the life cycle of solution development (Mobile Apps, Website, business planning, Market strategy ) to result in attracting venture capitalists

Affordable Cost

Quality of Work



Will walk you through the whole journey and assist you in building your business model that will take long and tiring hours of working to get established.


Networking Assistance

With the broad network of connection that Megsult has, will be glad to connect you with the relevant individuals that could add value to your business.


Marketing Guidance

From Building a brand to publishing it on the web, a lot of stages falls in between where we will be more than ready to boost you and guide you through to reach your wide audience.


Tech Development Guidance

Depending on your business, building a mobile Apps or Websites could be an essential part of your business. here is where Megsult will play a major role in guiding you through.


Business Training

Extensive training will be needed prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur which will include building Presentations , business planning, market strategy, elevator pitch and a lot more.


Basics in Financial Planning

In the entrepreneur world, risk is one of the major aspects and mitigating it is one of the ways to succeed. Teaching you the basics of building your financial model will be your weapon in this battle.